Nový model oblíbené LED lampy

Light up what you need while charging your smartphone

What is the routine of modern man before bedtime? Maybe it's reading a book, but almost certainly checking the mobile phone and plugging it into the charger. However, winding with the charger cable is already "out", simplify it with the Orava WCH-003 LED table lamp, which has the function of wireless charging of the mobile phone. As you read, your mobile will charge.

However, the elegant LED lamp Orava is also suitable for an office desk. You can use the wireless charging function of your mobile phone if your smartphone has this option. Just place the phone on the base of the lamp, where there is a wireless charging zone marked with an icon. Compared to conventional lamps, the Orava WCH-003 LED also has a few other significant advantages. Perhaps the period before the autumn and winter seasons is the best time to replace your outdated and non-intuitive lamp with this innovative model, which you will easily control with the touch of a button. Aim the light where you need it, just turn the adjustable arm with the shade.

You can choose from up to three light modes: natural, cold or warm. For placement on a desk, we recommend choosing a cool tone, while when using a lamp for a bedside table, warm or natural light is suitable, which will put you in a good mood for sleep. The excellent brightness of this lamp is ensured by semi-conducting super-bright LED diodes with a maximum brightness of more than 800 lux. You can also adjust the brightness as needed.

The Orava WCH-003 LED also hide the practical function of a timer. You will especially appreciate this if the lamp will serve you on the bedside table and you will fall asleep while reading. Because when you set the timer, the lamp starts counting down for 40 minutes and then goes out by itself. If you want to extend this interval by another 40 minutes, just one touch.

You connect the lamp to the mains classically using the AC adapter, which is part of the package. Orava WCH-003 LED is a model combining traditional Slovak quality together with the most modern technology, which will make everyday life in your home or office easier.