Hot air fryer - Airy-2

Airy 2 will guard your healthy diet
while maintaining the irresistible taste of food

Today, healthy eating is still more mentioned, especially in terms of the prevention of cardiovascular and other diseases. In this regard, it is especially recommended to limit overly fatty foods full of oil and fats, as well as frying. However, what to do when we love fried food so much? The answer is the hot air fryer, which is one of the latest innovations in the field of healthy eating.

We are not left behind either. We developed the Orava Airy 2 digital hot air fryer, which will become your inseparable companion in the kitchen. The hot air fryer can do something that once seemed impossible. Instead of liters of burnt oil, unhealthy fried foods and demanding cleaning, you get an innovative fryer that can prepare meals completely without oil, or with a minimum of oil. A maximum of one teaspoon is enough for the crunchy effect of the food. Hot rotating air fry the food evenly from all sides, ensuring perfect roasting. All this, of course, without the risk of carcinogenic substances, burns and the smell of burns. You will also not smell any overcooked oil in the kitchen, as is common with a classic fryer. The result is healthy, tasty and naturally baked food.

White elegant design Airy-2W


Minimalistic hot air fryer Airy-2

The bonus is easy cleaning of the fryer - no more pouring liters of oil and greasy household. Removable parts of the Airy 2 fryer, ie the cooking basket and the pan, can be easily inserted into the dishwasher, or washed by conventional means by hand.

Those of you who care about low-calorie foods because of your figure can be sure that you will not miss your caloric intake due to using too much oil. Since the fryer can prepare food even at low temperatures, you can also use healthier oils with a lower pour point, such as olive or sesame oil.

In addition, the Airy 2 has a sleek, minimalist design, and you can easily control it with the LED touch screen while using the auto-off feature. Enjoy a clean, healthy and juicy version of meat or french fries in combination with the inimitably crunchy taste you are used to.